AU to Send Delegation to Djibouti Border

AU Commission to send fact finding mission to the border amid calls for restraint

AU Commission to send fact-finding mission to the Eritrea Djibouti border
The Chairperson of the AU Commission, Moussa Faki Mahamat, said he is in the process of deploying a fact-finding mission to the Djibouti-Eritrea border.


The Chairperson of the Commission, Moussa Faki Mahamat, is following the recent developments between the Republic of Djibouti and the State of Eritrea in the aftermath of Qatar’s decision to withdraw its peacekeeping troops at the Djibouti- Eritrea border.

The Chairperson of the Commission appeals for calm, restraint and stresses that the AU is fully seized with the matter. He highlighted that the AU Commission, in close consultations with the authorities in Djibouti and Eritrea, is in the process of deploying a fact-finding mission to the Djibouti-Eritrea border.

The Chairperson of the Commission stands ready to assist Djibouti and Eritrea to normalize their relations and promote good neighborliness within the framework of relevant AU instruments.

Ethiopian Troops Crossed into Djibouti to Help


A new report has indicated that hundreds of Ethiopian troops have crossed the border into Djibouti to help the country’s forces to deal with a rebel group called Front pour la Restauration de l’Unité et de la Démocratie armé (FRUD armé).

“President Ismail Omar Guelleh of Djibouti once again called big brother Ethiopia for help So, the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) have been grouping on the Djibouti-Ethiopia border since March 1,” reported the Indian Ocean Newsletter, an online intelligence gathering website. ”

At 8 a.m. on March 3, eight ENDF trucks crossed the border at Alayto-le-Boyna.

It would seem that FRUD armé has no intention of retreating and that there is therefore a real risk of a clash with the ENDF.”

Djibouti enjoys a robust relationship with Ethiopia but its armed forces, called Armées Djiboutiennes (FAD), are believed to be very small and ineffective.

47 thoughts on “AU to Send Delegation to Djibouti Border

  1. it’d be nice if the AU can do something useful for once and instead head over to the Ethiopian border as a guarantor instead of jabooty

    1. Fun Facys to lighten the War Mood.

      Djibouti (23,200 sq Kilometers)

      Eritrea (117,600 sq Kilometers)

      Eritrea has roughly five times more landmass than Djibouti.

      Djibouti’s official language is French while Eritrea’s is Tigrinya.

      Asmara and Djibouti city are well known as very beautiful cities. Asmara is even supposed to join UNESCO world heritage sites as a unique blend of Italian and local architechture.

      Eritreans love drinking coffee while Djiboutians love chewing Khat leaves. Both peoples have the classic Horn of Africa look and don’t differ significantly in that sense.

      Eritrea is more advanced in its environmental resilience program while Djibouti is making great strides with renewable energy.

      1. The Afar people live both in Eritrea, Djibouti and Ethiopia.

        While the Tigrayan people live both in Eritrea and Ethiopia.

        The Somali clans of Djibouti such as Issa, Samaroon and Isaak, live both in Djibouti, Republic of Somaliland and Ethiopia. The Issa clan is the majority Somali clan of Djibouti.

        Hence any conflict between Eritrea and Djibouti would be felt immediately in neighboring countries.

        In my judgement Eritrea will keep the heights and the islands. Djibouti will protest to no avail.

        1. Eritrea for Eritreans · Edit

          there is no “tigrayan” people in Eritrea. tigrayans or also known as agames only live in ethiopia in the tigray region. They speak a diffrent version of the language tigrigna with an accent most Eritreans cant understand. The agames are historically liars begarrs trechourous in nature. They used to cross over into what is Eritrea now to work as sphederds and if they stayed for more than 40 years they were given citizenship. Just to give you the facts. Stop day dreaming about Eritreans.

          1. Wife to her husband:

            Wife: Billy what is wrong with you today?

            Husband: I got a disease, honey, I am dying the Doctor told me I got Agames.

        2. Wake up from your mercenary dream….Somaliland does not exist. All lands inhabited by Somali people in the Horn is called Somaliland.

          1. Mahatmes

            Did they finally let you out of the mental institution you were in?

            That’s great for your friends and family. Not so much for us here at TN who have to deal with your delusional psychosis. We will support you in your difficult time.

    2. Djibouti Liberation Front(DLF) · Edit

      It is time for regime change in Djibouti.

      It is time to arm the other Somali clans and the Afar people to instigate regime change.

      Everybody in the region hates Djibouti. Ethiopia and Somaliland should close their borders so the Djibouti military has no where to run when the Eritrean military chase them.

      Down Djibouti down!

      1. I don’t know who lied to you but the truth is that:

        Djibouti has very good strong relations with both Ethiopia and Somaliland.

        Infact the Somali people of Djibouti are related to people in Somali Region of Ethiopia and to the people of Somaliland. And the Afar people in Djibouti are related to Afar people in Ethiopia. It is very close the people of these countries.

        I hope there is no war and all will be solved peacefully.

  2. Traitors Acting like oposition · Edit

    AU is a garbage Organisation only tool to devide african nations for the interesst of West & white man

  3. ካብ ጸባ ዘይተርክበስ ካብ ማይ ቸባ።ብልመና ዝነብር ማህበር ኣንታይ ክፈትህ።

  4. there isn’t any conflict between Djibouti And Eritrea Qatar has last year announced that the border dispute has been resolved by meditation of Amir of Qatar and there wasn’t any objection from Djibouti. Khat addicted leader of Djibouti
    must have been in komma last year????? .

  5. If there is anyone who still remembers my story that I share some two years ago about why Eritrea jumped to take over the Dumera knowing full that it is a contested land or probably Djibouti’s territory, and risked to take bullets and sanction than seeing that heigest place under the control of Djibouti or their surrogate Ethiopian buddies. Anyone who climbed that mountain will be in controll of the lower plain of the desert.
    That means you can give artillary cover to your advancing army from that top as well as place an anti-aircraft rocket and deny your enemy anykind of air support.

    At that time, Eritrea has to pay the price of aggression just to deny Ethiopia (via Djibouti territory) the advantage of trying to assert control over Assab (in case). But nowadays, after the UAE is in control of the Assab area, Eritrea shouldn’t be worried about weyane trying to take Assab or attack our position in Assab. That’s is like a suicide mission. So Eritrea has to explain its case to the AU and UN this time why it matters to control that Dumera even if it was found to be Djibouti’s territory.

    1. Don’t get it. 1st Rad Dumera belongs to Eritrea, no if no but. 2nd don’t ever rely on Arabs (UAE or whoever being an allies to your master Isaias). With out prejudice, Eritreans battled over our territory which includes the borderline with djibuti, Sudan & Yemen – not only with Ethiopia. Refer some history books even written by Ethiopians.

    2. First time that I disagreed with Meaza. Dumeira heigts is Eritrean and will remain so. I think you may be talking about another hill in the area {name unkown} that belongs to Djibouti.

      1. I know Eritrean territory extends from Ras Qesar to Ras Dumera. But you see, I was trying to look at the present situation in different ways than I saw it last time since there are a lot happened since.

        Eritrea shouldn’t leave the area unattended until a neutral observer force in place. In principle, I think we do agree on this. But if I ask why, may be we start to differ. What are the risks this time? Where are they coming from? Is it coming from tiny Djibouti or their TPLF handlers? But, what exactly we are afraid they might do against us if they actually regain control of the mountain, before Eritrea gets there?

        In my opinion, none, specially at this time when Eritrea is part of the red sea security coalition force and UAE is in charge of the security of that part of Eritrea (red sea), I don’t think Eritrea need to freak out to any eventual plan coming from TPLF through that part of our territory. I don’t think so. For me, weyane is a thing of the past now. It is in its own quagmire and can not be a threat to us anymore. So that is why I suggest Eritrea shouldn’t take over the mountain for the second time at all. That’s is my opinion and I stand for correction.

        1. I am disappointed in you. What do you mean by ” worried ” ,” freak out ” , ” assert control ” ,” UAE in charge ” and ” …. a thing of the past ” …… ? You have to be careful with your choice of words.

    3. I think you got lost in the weeds, as they say. You may know the Italians and the French signed series of agreements in 1935, and among them was question of Doumeira Islands. I also remember reading, in the 1998
      Eritrea-Yemen arbitration, the Hague statements, referring to colonial agreements, the islands/ rocks in the south belong to Eritrea. Lastly, I’ve told that there are documents showing the presence of the Soviets and Derg armies at those islands in the 1980s.

    4. For your information Ras Doumeira ,Doumeria Islands,Mountian Musa Ali are all Eritrean Territories Case Closed

    5. Eritrea Ne Ertrawian · Edit

      We should also point out that Eritrea’s claim over the territory including the Doumeira Islands is valid per the Franco-Italian Agreement of 1935. Eritrea should push to have this issue go to arbitration.

  6. Do you trust the working of AU. I don’t. They have yet to show the African continent that what they have been doing has never worked for they need to be honest with themselves and be an organization that is free from bias towards one party to the other. They basically have been appeasing Ethiopia in their dealings with Somalia, Eritrea and others.

  7. Nobody gives a shit about the African Union. Honestly, I can’t even fathom a more useless organization. What purpose do they even serve? African countries are being exploited and destabilized all over the continent. Conflicts rage in numerous countries while the AU farts about doing God knows what. And let’s not forget their support of the invasion of Somalia, giving birth to Al-Shabaab!

    The African Union needs to be replaced with a true union of African states that work together towards economic and military integration, while also defending each other from any attempt to exploit or destabilize.

  8. We will wipe the floor with the bootleg Ethiopian pigs, the so called Eritreans. We will become the pear of Africa.

    Djibouti has a lot of allies especially Ethiopia, The French and America and we the Issa and at large the Dir clan have clan ties to many other Somalis. We can easily wipe out these vermin Eritreans who were never a match for Ethiopia, but on the mercy of the TPLF were given independence.

    We Somalis fought Ethiopia when it was at it’s height. You saw in that war the courage of the Somali especially us Issa we were at the forefront.

    Most of Eritrea army is not made of the sissy Tigrinya people, but of the other people.

    1. Crap instead talking rubbish.Come on!! try come on!! you will be sink down into red sea by shabia. let alone khat addicted society either from Djibouti or Ethiopia. even western
      cannot match to be smart on battle field. Grow up!!

        1. hate qondafat agames · Edit

          qondaf agame. go compare it to your agamestan starving land. atlest they have a sea outlet but what do you qondafat agames have? kkkkk what are you going to do when the ethiopian people get rid of your dying regime in ethiopia?

    2. “We will wipe the floor with the bootleg Ethiopian pigs, the so called Eritreans.”

      Unless you’re feeling suicidal, then I wouldn’t recommend this course of action. This is the same mistake Ethiopia has made throughout history and one of the main reasons why that country is still a massive shithole. Djibouti is a lot smaller, so you would probably just get wiped out or at the very least it would create a huge humanitarian disaster.

      1. hate qondafat agames · Edit

        his not from djibouti he is a sahsah qondaf ***** pretending. he just opened the account today. that is all the qondafat **** do spend 24 hours a day seven days a week on Eritrean websites and videos talking rubbish.

    3. hate qondafat agames · Edit

      guys why are you responding to this qondaf agame pretending to be from djibouti? answer him as as the qondaf agame that he his. Do not respond to him as if his from the insignificant puppet nation djibouti.

  9. AU is Useless!!! they are symbol. They never ever solv any single issue. Just sit in Ethiopia and get paid that is all they do. It is irrelevant organization. Dont expect any outcome!!

    1. Because we have people like you who would sleep with anyone so long as your dying regime is safe and sound. Italians used you to divide the home, Arabs followed and back to Arabs once more. Remember, it’s called African Union for a reason, the union is the ingredients that can only make it work, komal.

      1. Hello Miss Sentiko/sheger addis/ Ethio/Balance/ TPLF cadre/ I don’t know what kind of nick name you’ll get tomorrow .Anyways!!! Why are you here???????????/ This is for you! “የብዙዎቹ ምናልባትም የሁሉም በሽታዎቻችን መሠረቱ ድህነትና ማጣት ናቸው፡፡ የገንዘብ ድህነትን በማግኘት ይላቀቁታል፤ የአስተሳሰብን ድህነት ግን በምን ይገላገሉታል? ችግር ነው፡፡ First of all what does it mean AU for you????????? Before you answer this question go and feed those kids dam…………………….
        Don’t for get !!! I’m After you !!!

    2. luki you right AU is very very Useless!!! Do you know what AU means?•
      AU= AFRICN Uakari.
      AU= AFRICN Uinta Ground Squirrel.

  10. Eritrea is probably, in opinion, going to insist to continue the mediation effort from where it stopped in order not to start from scratch, as it was not stopped by request from either of the parties rather the mediator itself. The replacing forces would be from a country trusted by Eritrea such as Egypt, UAE, …etc. Most likely countries are the Arab league states as Eritrea has good relations with most and Djibouti is after all a member of the league. Besides who needs African soldier that can be bought for few changes. Eritrea would not allow any country in the area that can potentially be influenced by the enemy.
    The other point is also that Eritrea will pressure the AU to respect it’s sovereignty and take a stand on the border issue by requesting the UNSC put a final conclusion based on the final and binding agreements.
    Those AU puppets are beyond belief. When final decision is shelved and Eritrea is under occupation it is business as usual. But when anyone points finger on Eritrea they are willing to interfere.
    Eritrea shall give public pronouncements sooner than later. ERITREA SHALL STAY AHEAD OF THE NEWS. IT NEEDS TO CONTROL THE NARRATIVE OF THE STORY.

  11. The AU, exposed themselves once again, without even starting the process of what it is they’ve planned to do. How can they call for ‘restraint’, when Eritrea’s statement from the AU has been peacefull and conciliatory? An honest observer/mediator, must demand the same attitude and statement from the other side.

    This reminds me of the old mantra, ‘both sides must show restraint’, in the ’98-00 war, when the weyane was either attacking or contemplating an attack.

    And they make today’s statement, from AA. Infuriating, to say the least.

  12. Eritrea says Qatar has not explained ‘hasty’ withdrawal

    (Associated Press) – Eritrea’s government says Qatar has not yet explained why it withdrew 450 peacekeeping troops from the East African nation’s contested border area with Djibouti.

    Djibouti has accused Eritrean troops of occupying the Dumeira mountain area shortly after Qatar’s peacekeepers left earlier this week. Qatar, which is caught up in its own diplomatic clash with other Arab nations, had mediated a territorial dispute between Djibouti and Eritrea.

    In a statement sent Saturday to The Associated Press, Eritrea’s information ministry says Eritrea has not received any explanation from Qatar on its “hasty” withdrawal, which it said occurred “against the backdrop of a turbulent climate.”

    Eritrea’s top diplomat to the African Union, Araia Desta, says the country has not cut ties with Qatar.

    Eritrea has said it wants no confrontation with Djibouti.

  13. The chairman of AU Should stop ✋ political prostitution. His remarks does not equate the truth. Instead he should talk why Eritrea ???????? land is under occupation and unable to solve the rule of law

  14. I would not be surprised if the African Union recommends TPLF soldiers to replace the Qatari force to muddle
    up matters. The AU is a joke.

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