Eritrea: A 95% Achievement Registered in Malaria Control

Eritrea managed to reduce its Malaria infection rates by 95 percent through organizing public-education campaigns on nutrition and disease prevention, providing free insecticide-treated mosquito nets in areas where Malaria is endemic, establishing community-based medical clinics where the population can get free blood tests, and also by filling in mosquito breeding sites and/or spraying insecticide on those areas. 

Eritrea succeeded in significantly reducing malaria incidence
“Eritrea succeeded in significantly reducing malaria incidence” – @UNEritrea

By Shabait,

THE Ministry of Health indicated that a 95% accomplishment has been registered regarding malaria control. It made the remark in connection with the conducting of a ceremony in Serejeqa sub-zone yesterday marking World Malaria Day.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Tesfai Solomon, Head of the Ministry’s branch in the Central region, pointed out that higher efforts are being put up in a bid to ensuring a still more gratifying achievement. He further stated that the organizing of such international event in the country shoulders the responsibility of keeping the current momentum towards malaria control, besides sustainability of the ongoing community-based environmental hygiene campaigns. 

Mr. Melles Gebreyesus, head of malaria control in the branch office, on his part said that Eritrea is in a position to become one of the top four countries which made exemplary accomplishment as regards control of the disease thus attesting to the effectiveness of the programs implemented thereof.

On the occasion, various activities were staged depicting the Day.

Trends in reported malaria incidence, 2000 - 2011 (Data Source: WHO World Malaria Report 2012)
“Eritrea’s simple public-health practices have resulted in the biggest breakthrough in Malaria mortality prevention in history, and to date I have yet to find a single story about this in any mainstream media outlet.” – Ruben Rosenberg Colorni, NEWS JUNKIE POST                      (Data Source: WHO World Malaria Report 2012)


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  • Selam Kifle

    Just for Laugh …. (Credit: Revolution from Ethiopian Review)

    NBC interview with TPLF’s minister of information, Mr Adwash Goba

    NBC News: Minister Adwash, thank you for this wonderful opportunity to interview you.

    Minister Adwash: The pleasure is all mine.

    NBC News: Our sources in Ethiopia have indicated that there’s a devastating famine in your country this year, affecting millions of people, mainly the disfranchised segment of the population employed in subsistence farming. What do you say is the cause of this horrible, horrible recurring famine in your resource-rich but severely impoverished country, Ethiopia?

    Minister Adwash: If I may, first, I need to take you back to a Geography class. (Laughter) You see, my country Ethiopia is located in the Horn of Africa, bordered by Eritrea in the north, Djibouti and Somalia to the east, Kenya to the south and Sudan to the west. If we take Eritrea, for example, the country hasn’t had an election in over 20 years! The Eritrean people are hungry for democracy. Their so-called President put worn-out sandals on his feet and wear a khaki suit when receiving foreign dignitaries. Can you believe that!? He’s giving his country a very bad image and……

    NBC News: Wait a minute here! If I may interrupt you, Minister ADWA-SH! But what’s that got to do with the question I asked you about the famine in YOUR country ETHIOPIA?

    Minister Adwash: Well… it has everything to do with it, because we are living in an increasingly globalized and interconnected world. If there’s lack of free elections in Eritrea, the result is millions of people starving in neighboring countries like Ethiopia. Therefore, we need to tackle the problem at it’s roots. Which is, Eritrea!!!!!!

    NBC News: Minister ADWA-SH, has your Ethiopian government ask the International donor community for additional food-aid to feed the millions of starving people in your country, Ethiopia?

    Minister Adwash: As we speak, my Ethiopian government is holding productive talks with Saudi and Indian land-owners in Ethiopia to find new ways to boost agricultural output and sell the produce to the United Nations to be donated to countries affected by famine like my country, Ethiopia. For example, the UN has imposed harsh political sanctions on the self-reliant nation and people of Eritrea for their refusal to sell their agricultural lands to Saudis and Indian investors. Eritreans are anti-globalization and they deserve the UN sanctions! The EPRDF cannot stand idly while Saudi Arabia is facing food crisis. Something must be done, and done immediately. That’s where my Ethiopian government comes, to force neighboring countries get with the program, even if we have to use military means to make them comply with land acquisition.

    NBC News: Minister Adwash, you’re obviously not a Saudi, but what’s the story behind your apparent beef with the self-reliant Eritreans who are not only enjoying the fastest growing economy in the world, but have achieved food security amid recurring droughts in the Horn of Africa region?

    Minister Adwash: Eritreans rejected western foreign-aid and food-aid in favor of doing slave labor to grow their own food and to extract their rich mineral resources following this crazy idea called “self-reliance.” Understandably, this has upset the Saudis and the Indians who heavily rely on food grown in Ethiopia to feed their ballooning population. As a native of Adwa, it upsets me too to see Eritreans telling the land investors to go to hell! In fact, it infuriates me when the black faced Eritreans think they are equal to whites, Arabs or Indians. By hook or by crook, we must put them in their place!

    NBC News: Minsiter Adwash, if Eritreans are the cause of the transparent inferiority complex you’re displaying here, what exactly are you doing to overcome it, or at least alleviate it, temporarily, until it kills you?

    Minister Adwash: Call me a cyber-coward, but I trash them on the internet anonymously, every waking day of my short life! 8)

    NBC News: Cyber coward!

    Minister Adwash: SHUT UP! STOP THAT! Hey, can you spare a dime? Or teach me to use Photoshop?

    NBC News: Why don’t I just teach you how to fish instead, you lazy bum from Adwa!

    Minister Adwash: Go to hell, you white-faced, blue-eyed Shabo! Your blond hair doesn’t fool me. I know you are a Shabo!

    NBC News: Let me guess. SHABO stands for Self-reliant, Honest, Affluent & Best Organization. Ain’t that right, Monster Adwash of Adwa? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Alora

    Just curious.

    Is there any connection between the complete eradication of all kinds of communicable diseases in Eritrea with the complete closure of the border with Ethiopia??

    • Selam Kifle


      you are one hell of hillarious guy. As if all the communicable diseases in eritrea are coming from south of the border … lol …. the thing is may be the higher risk cases like polio and miseal might have been prevented because of lack of movement from ethiopia to eritrea side. But the rest is due to our hard work clear and determined policy as well as clean and concious people.

  • merhaba

    Right on Eritrea go up up up !!!!When i hear is kind ,Eritrea progressing huge step from100% to 5% .that is means in 5 years 100% malaria free YEEEEEEEEEEEse.Good news.

  • That is an excellent strayed, if was not for the USA declaration of war on Eritrea. Eritrea would been on top of every thing.

  • AbrahamISback

    I wish, i wish this was true!!!!!!!! If only the report could have references, way of work, methodology of data gathering….. Check last especially, method of datacollection and you will be suprised to see that mistefee the data is delivered by the host countries. So, please someone explain to me how I can trust any report from the regime when I know it won't shy from lying in a second??? Like the country human rights report presented at the UN by Eritrea just some weeks ago!, or the one presented by Yemane G. in 2009…. All pure lies, I wouldn't trust These data neither.

    So Tesfanews, please provide some reference and underlying data. Only then will your news be credible. Thanks bro

    • Laleylaley


      I hope you are aware that they used the WHO as an reference?..

      If you know how to use internet, then google it for yourself.

      I have a hard time believing that the WHO, UN helps the eritrean "regime"

    • mailule

      Abraham guhaffe; I see you have no problem of trushing every good news from Eritreana. Why don't you do the data researching yourself? How about WHO's data? If that's not good enough for you; then I suggest you visit ERI and you will see loads of achievements in vourious sectors.

      • Observer

        Abraham is only repeating what Mebrahtu Gebrehiwet aka Simon, the Senior Minister of Ethiopia, does. Deny everything good that comes out of Eritrea and ensure that GuHaffes like Abraham hate their own nation.

    • Oh. How can I expect you to get joyful with such success story from Eritrea? If you have the marble to understand, try to figure it out by yourself from the following link that was provided to me by the UN mission in Eritrea.

  • Hidat


  • mailule

    What happened to Abraham GuHaffe now. Does he need assistance to read the data provided by TesfaNews? Or he is simply satisfied.