5th Annual ERI-UK Friendship Forum Concluded

Roma Khasia introducing the program
Roma Khasia introducing the program

By Yared Tesfay,

On the occasion of Eritrea’s 22nd year of Independence, the Eritrean Embassy in London organized for Friends of Eritrea as part of the program “May in Honour of Independence Day in the UK” on 23rd May 2013, that encompassed a series of events during the month of May, was held at the Hilton Hotel in London.

Miss Roma Khasia, delivered the welcome speech and introduction of the program. In her eloquent speech, Roma Khasia outlined the importance of Eritrea’s independence and the need to celebrate the occasion with the friends of Eritrea. She also gave a brief description on the importance of the Eri-UK Friendship Forum, the need to take concrete steps to formalize it this year.

The day’s programme encompassed three important parts and started with the ‘Eyewitness Reflections of Eritrea’s Friends Visit’. This was highly expected by many the reason being Eritrea not only has a lot to talk about, there seem to be so many that have a lot to say about Eritrea in various contexts. The old age cliché of: ‘seeing is believing’ came to many minds as the first speaker Dr. Sara Pantuliano, took to the stage.

Dr. Sara Pantuliano, ODA Senior Researcher and a great friend of Eritrea, and who had the chance of supporting the Ministry of Education gave an amazing reflection. Dr Sara referred to Eritrea as her homeland and gave an elaborate presentation of her involvement in Eritrea National Development. She visited Eritrea several times with her whole family and the opportunities she got to visit many places and institutions indicated that she is very attached to Eritrea and its progression as a viable and sustainable nation.

One of the pioneers of the Mining sector in Eritrea Mr.Lester Kemp (London Africa Mining) and Dr. Tim Williams (Andiamo Mining CEO) gave an interesting insight of Eritrean mining progress and future promising prospects linking it to the handling of Eritrean government in creating a bright future for the people of Eritrea.

The Ambassador of the State of Eritrea to the UK & Ireland H.E. Tesfamichael Gerahtu also gave a speech, thanking the participants in taking part on the celebration of Eritrean Independence there by updating the participants on current state of affairs, which included Eritrea’s Investment opportunities, Economic and social progress, as well as UNjust Sanctions imposed on Eritrea, and the continued years illegal occupation of Ethiopia of sovereign Eritrean territories.

The event was attended by Diplomats, members of various British Institutions, professionals of various sectors, Investors, and other respected guests along with Eritrean-British citizens residing in the UK. The participants gave a series of presentation, which was then followed by traditional Eritrean dinner and entertainment.

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