Statement: 13th YPFDJ Conference in Holland

Dutch Authorities halt and evacuate the YPFDJ conference
The unfair and unjust decision by the Dutch Authorities on 13th April 2017 to halt and evacuate the YPFDJ Conference was a stark reminder of the stance taken by the Dutch government itself and European states to victimise Eritreans and reward the violent bullies, just like the non-implementation of the EEBC decision in Den Hague on the 13th April 2002.


The 13th YPFDJ conference convened on Thursday 13 April 2017 after a full year of preparation and organisation to hold its 13th annual consecutive youth conference in the city of Veldhoven, in the Netherlands.

The conference had workshops designed to help youth discuss and debate European and global issues, learn from each other about their history, heritage and culture, as well as share their professional experiences.

The nearly 600 conference participants arrived from around the world, the majority were European citizens. They all arrived on Thursday 13 April and met for one full day and addressed part of the conference program before it was halted by the mayor of Veldhoven. That decision was a mistake of enormous proportion.

The decision made by the mayor and Dutch government was regrettable and politically motivated, and designed to halt the conference proceedings using false pretexts. The decision clearly violated the basic rights of assembly and freedom of expression of all the European-Eritrean citizens at the conference.

The purported reason given by the Dutch authorities to halt the conference abruptly within 24 hours was “public safety”, safety of the conference attendees. This reason is unacceptable and far removed from the reality of what transpired during the next two days.

The Conference Organizing Committee (COC), meticulously made all the necessary logistical arrangements and all participants had entered peacefully and in an orderly fashion without a single incident or disruption. At no time did the participants of the YPFDJ conference threaten the peace. In fact, for the last 13 years of holding conferences in different venues across Europe, including one in the Netherlands in 2008, there has never been a single complaint by any of the venues or city authorities in which the conferences were held.

All the transgressions that led to claiming public safety was committed by the Mayor of Veldhoven, several Dutch media outlets engaged in a frenzied effort to deny YPFDJ the right to hold the conference peacefully, and provided individuals who have been campaigning against Eritrea scornfully and obsessively for the past two decades, to instigate regime change in Eritrea.

The Mayor of Veldhoven inexplicably announced the address of the conference venue to the media on Wednesday 12th of April and the media outlets announced calls for demonstration in the local papers and around 60 individuals who recently sought asylum in the Netherlands turned up to violently protest, upon the urging by Professor Mirjam Van Reisen who has inserted herself in the Eritrean political arena, and taken sides. She advised some Eritreans who sought asylum in the Netherlands recently, that the only way to stop the conference was by provoking acts of violence and causing a disturbance. The evidence for this can be found all over social media and have been fully recorded.

Despite open provocation and violence by the protesters with Mirjam Van Reisen amongst them, all conference participants acted in a civilized manner and did nothing to retaliate against the violent actions, which included physical attacks on participants and vehicles entering the premises. The media outlets present outside the venue, with no knowledge about the conference, choreographed the protesters for the headline pictures and video clips disseminated throughout Holland and beyond.

Therefore, we find it unconstitutional and abuse of power by the Dutch authorities, to not only disrupt the conference and callously order the immediate evacuation of nearly 600 participants after darkness, putting everyone at risk including mothers with 4 months old babies.

After challenging the decision in court, the conference organisers offered to halt all conference activities and stay in the hotel as guests, the primary concern being the physical welfare and safety of the participants first; however, the authorities refused any consideration and forced all participants including babies, underage children, and disabled participants to leave the venue with little regards to find accommodation and transportation for the majority of the participants. Young adults who are European citizens were left stranded and dumbfounded in the middle of the night.

The conference participants who arrived to the Netherlands from all over Europe and some from USA and Africa did not have unplanned transportation tickets to travel back to their countries of residence, and even after presenting all the evidences of the enormity of their actions, the authorities decided to press the participants to vacate the hotel late in the evening, causing undue stress on conference participants.

For the young Europeans who were brought to learn the sacrosanct European values of freedom of assembly, speech, movement and expression and the right to be treated equally under the law, have been rudely awakened to the fact that these values do not apply to them. The message Dutch authorities sent this weekend is thus: “being an aggressor and committing violence by  a few people can pay off to reach one’s goal of disrupting meetings of law abiding citizens”.

Finally, the opening day of the conference was April 13 which reminds all Eritreans and Europeans with Eritrean heritage another day of injustice where the decision of the Eritrean Ethiopian Border Commission (EEBC) gave its Final and Binding decision in Den Hague, Netherlands in 2002. Justice is still denied to the Eritrean people who have been fighting against the occupation of Eritrean sovereign land, with European Nations standing with the aggressive and illegal nature of the Ethiopian government and continue to victimise Eritrea until this day.

The unfair and unjust decision by the Dutch Authorities on 13th April 2017 to halt and evacuate the YPFDJ conference was a stark reminder of the stance taken by the Dutch government and European states to victimise Eritreans and reward the violent bullies, just like the non-implementation of the EEBC decision in Den Hague on the 13th April 2002.

The resilient, dignified and law abiding  Eritreans and Europeans with Eritrean Heritage vacated the premises on the night with astounding organisation, compassion and solidarity for each other and managed to stay unshaken, despite the high level of treachery and collusion of the Dutch authorities with Professor Mirjam Van Reisen to deny their basic human rights and put their safety in danger in the middle of the night.

The organisers of YPFDJ along with all participants of the Conference and the vast organised Diaspora and justice seeking Europeans will seek to redress the injustice in every possible way and will make its plans clear in short period of time.

YPFDJ European Organising Committee
16th April 2017

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    1. ወላ’ኳ እቲ ዋዕዋዕን ዕግርግርን ዘየድሊ እንተነበረ፣ ምኽንያቱ ብርእዩተይ ነዚ ናይ ህግደፍ ዳንኬራ ብሕጋዊ መንገዲ ደው ምባል ስለዝከኣል፣ እንተኾነ ነዞም ህይወቶም ኣብ ሽግር እንዳእተው ነዚ ኣዕናዊ ዝኾነ ዳንኬራ ናብ ሓሙኹሽቲ ዝቐየሩ ኣገናዕ ክንብሎም ይግባእ። እቲ ምንታይ’ሲ ንእሾኽ ብ እሾኽ ከምዝተባህለ፣ ከምቲ ህግደፍ ኣብ ኤርትራ ናይ ሰባት ምትእኽኻብ ብጎንጺ ዝእግዶ፣ ናይ ህግደፍ ዳንኬራ ድማ እንተኾነ ብሰላም እንተዘይኮይኑ ድማ ብጎንጺ ደው ክብል ግድን’ዩ። ኣብ መጨረሻ ክብሎ ዝደሊ፣ ንምንታዩ ህግደፍ እዚ ዳንኬራ’ዚ ዘገድሶ እንተኮይኑ ኣብ ኤርትራ ዘየዳልዎ። ቀዳማይ ነገር መዞም ተሳተፍቲ ዝበሃሉ መዘናግዒ (ቫኬሽን) ምኾኖም፣ ከም ተወሳኺ ድማ እቲ ባህላዊ መደብ (ትምህርቲ) ኣሎ ዝብልዎ እዞም ተሳተፍቲ ኣብቲ መበቆል ባህሎም ዝኾነ ዓዲ ምተመሃሩ። እንተኾነስ ህግደፍ ኩልሳዕ ግርንቢጥ እንድዩ፣ እንታይ ኢሉ ከምኡ ክገብር።

      1. I already told you in another discussion that you are a scum and coward, am sorry to repeat that here. You should be the last person to talk about Eritrea. You said it in my face once how proud you are for abandoning the people and government that sent you to get higher education in South Africa. You’re a self-serving idiot. That childish comment alone should make you ashamed.

        ኪድ እስኪ ኣምልጥ ካብዚ በጃኻ

      2. Eritrean government sent you to learn to do your bit for the poor peaple and payed by the poor peoples hard currency and what do you do you betrayed the peaple. Once a scam all ways a scum.

        1. Yes this lost soul has got his higher education paid by the very people and government he propagate malice. It is very irony but not surprising people like this will come and go, however, the main issue at hand for now is the aftermath of the incident in Holland we should be focused how to support the Europeans of Eritrean heritage to claim their legitimate right for assembly. all other by-issues surfacing by those who have a grind to axe should be ignored, they die for attention and they thought this is the opportune moment.

          1. I really don’t understand what they are looking to achieve by doing what they did in Holland. The peaple and GoE have seen so many challenges come and go but this one’s are like you said seeking for attention. But the YPFDJ good ambassador for their country good luck to them wherever they go.

          2. I guess the Prof now will get some grant to study and research this ‘criminal act’ she helped perpetrate.

            As for the others, I hope some of the music of the justice system.

          3. I really doubt if the justice system in Holland is robust. We have seen in black and white how selective the so called freedom of assembly applied, had it been white European youth denied their basic rights the right to assembly it would have been media hit prima, but the Dutch justice system has yet to pass a litmus test. As for the woman who claim to be academic I have difficult to believe. She has been at the front of Regime change “activists” for a long and she has dubious motives, she is definitely behind the drama.

      3. Super explanation! let’s push the one & the only the Eritrean people enamis poor TPLF dog, everything will be the way the eritrean people waiting for. about the west we see what’s happening????
        Don’t give up stay strong boy.

    1. while you deny the same rights in your country you are claiming it on a foreign country. As a new nazizts you must be banned or even deported to the land of mafia regime

  1. We need to Love each other · Edit

    In 2014-2016 the Netherlands gave asylum to at least to 3000 refugees who claimed to have been victimized by PFDJ. It was those victims who successfully sabotaged the planned conference. Their slogans during the demonstration were “The game is simply over. No monkey game in Europe any more” . Their next move, according to the news, is the closure of the embassy which has been allegedly coordinating and financing the conference.

    1. (#‎ህዝባዊ ግንባር)

      ብዙሓት ሰባት ኣብ ፌስቡክ ክብሮም ዳፍላ ክዛረብ ስለ ዝሰምዕዎ ኩሉ ባዓሉ ዝገበሮ እዩ መስልዎም ግን እት ሓቅ ንሱ ኣይኮነን ንሱ መልሓሱ ጥራይ እዩ ተዛርቡ ቀንዲ ሃንዳሲት እዛ ቁማል ምስ መሳርሕታ እያ:: ንሰብ ክንቀትለካ ኢና ክንቀትለኩም ኢና ኢልካ ድቃስ የለን:: ብኸመይ ብሕግ ክታሓዝ እዩ : ሓብርና ክንርእዮ ኢና:: እዛ ቁማል እንተ ኣድሕናቶም ክንርእዮም ኢና::

      ርሑስ ኣዉድኣመት ይግበረልና

      1. Dr. Mirjam Van Reisen

        ኩፉእ መጋብራ ረቃቕ ዝተማህረት
        ንዕንወት ንጥፍኣት ገንዘብ ዝተኸፍለት
        ሓላይት መሳሊት Mirjam ዝተንኮለት

        ንጹሃት ተፋልስ ሰላሕ እንዳበለት
        ዓርኪ ሰይጣን ብደዋ ‘ተረግመት
        ካብ ሰብ ጨካን ኣራዊት መበለት

        ወሽላኽ ልእኽቲ ናይ ጥፋት መሰሪ
        ብቐትሪ ብጸልማት ተንኮላት ተሳሲ
        ጻቕጥ ጎራሕ ባዓል ብዙሕ ባህሪ

        ኩሉ ግዜ ኣብ ስራሕ ብለይቲ ብቐትሪ
        ክትኣልም ክትከትብ ሃሱስ ኣገልጋሊ
        ኤርትራ ሃገርና ዝሕንፍጥ ዘድሚ

        ሰላዪት ኣይትድከሚ ኣለናላ ደቃ
        ኤርትራ ሃገርና ንሓልፈላ ንኸፍለላ ዋጋ
        ካብ ዓመጽቲ ዝጻብኡ ክብራ
        ደመኛታት ከማኺ ጒሒላ
        ኣብ ኣውሮጳ ይሃሉ ኣብ ኤርትራ

    2. ~
      ተስፎም “ግራሴ”።

      እዛ ምንሳሕ ወዮ ከዳዕ፣ ተንበርካኽን ዕሱብ Van Reisenን ወዲ ዳፍላ – – – መሕለዂኡ
      ጥራሕ ዘይኰነት ቀርቂባ ትቕፍዶ “እጅ ከፈንጅ” ዝዀነት ሓያል ጭብጢ’ያ።

      ኣብ ውሽጢ Facebook ናቱ፣ ከምዘይትጸንሕ ከምጥ ̂ርጣረይ፣ ሃለው ኢለ ክረኽባ ኣይከአልኩን፤ በቶም ቐዲሖም ብምስናድ ዘካፈሉና ሽላዊ ፍጥነትን መንጣልነትን፣ ማለትሲ ብሰራዊት መኸተ ከኣም መሊሰ ክሕበን ክኢለ’የ።

      እቶም ብሕጋዊ ኣገባብ ንበተኻት ምስ ለኣኽቶም፣ ኣብ ቤት ፍርዲ ድፋጭኦም ከስትይዎም ይህንደዶ ዘለው፣ ኣባላት ህ.ግ.ደ.ፍ.መ.፣ ነዛ ምልፍላፍ ወዮ ድርባይ’ውን ቁሊሕ ክብልዋ ኣተሓሳስብ።

      ቃል ብቓሉ ብApril 13, at 10:08 am << — እቲ ናትን ምምጻእ ንምዕጻው ወይ ንምዕጋት እቲ ኣኼባ እንኮ ቅድመ ኩነት እዩ። እቲ ምምሕዳር ከተማን ማእኸላይ መንግስትን ሆላንድ [ ! ! ! ] ናትና ተቓውሞ ይጽበ ኣሎ። ነቲ ኣኼባ ክዓጽዎ ናትና ተቓውሞ ይጽበ [ ! ! ! ] ኣሎ። ጋዜጣን ሜድያን ኩሎም ኣብኡ ፈሲሶም ኣለዉ። እዚ ከምልጠና ዘይብሉ ታሪኻዊ ዕድል እዩ። — >> እናለ ድማ’ዩ ተለፋሊፉ ዘሎ።

      ዓወት ንሓፋሽ!
      & ርሑስ ዓውደ ዓመት!


      1. Kibrom Dafla is simply shooting himself in the foot. Otherwise, he wouldn’t make a self defeating public statement like this one and expose the Dutch authorities and media who collaborated with him in the flagrant violation of the rights of 600+ European citizens of Eritrean heritage.

        “እቲ ምምሕዳር ከተማን ማእኸላይ መንግስትን ሆላንድ ናትና ተቓውሞ ይጽበ ኣሎ። ነቲ ኣኼባ ክዓጽዎ ናትና ተቓውሞ ይጽበ ኣሎ። ጋዜጣን ሜድያን ኩሎም ኣብኡ ፈሲሶም ኣለዉ። እዚ ከምልጠና ዘይብሉ ታሪኻዊ ዕድል እዩ። “

        What evidence do one need than Dafla’s written confession that the decision to suspend the YPFDJ conference was premeditated and politically motivated?

        1. TN,

          Thank you for highlighting the very words of this ring leader of thugs otherwise known as “the Dafla Mobs”.

          I think that he was a member of the EPLF’s Mass Organization working in the Economy Department of the EPLF as a billing clerk/accountant in Italy.

          Could it be that he has picked up this ‘gangsterism’ and THUGGISH modus operandi from the Italian Mafioso? I wonder!

          1. This person has a history of letting Eritrea down. I personally know what he did to the Eritrean Airlines when he was provided the responsibility as a General Manager. He let the national carrier bankrupt, albeit purposely.

            By the way, Dutch media used to mention him as ‘the former Duputy Finance Minister’ of Eritrea. The fact is that he has never been in a ministerial position. He was the GM of Himbol Foerign Exchange Bureau and he also works as a manager for Red Sea Corporation (09). Nothing else.

        2. ~
          እንታይ ከየምጽኡ ነቲ ጸር ጸር ዘብሎም ዘበለ፣ ዘየራጒዶ’ኸ!

          – – – ነቲ ተወሳኺ ‘ውን ኣድህቡሉ።

          ቀንዲ መልእኽተይስ እቲ መሊሰ ኣጻፊፈ ኣብ ሰፈር Reply ዝጠቃዕክዎ “ቅንየት” ደኣ።

          ተወሳኺ :
          ነቲ ዝገስረጠ ቀንዲ ዕሱብነታዊ ተልእኾታቱ ከም — << If you are interested to talk to Kubrom Dafla Hosabay, about «How Swiss and European youth can benefit financially, if they support to bring a change in Eritrea» and if you want to get an insight into the current… >>

          ኣብ ትሕቲ link -> Eritreischer Medienbund Schweiz እንተተቋመትኩም፣ ክተስተውዕሉሉ ትኽእሉ።

  2. The protestors were women-beating thugs and white-worshipping c00ns. Disgusting how they all rallied around a white woman, instead of leading the initiative themselves, but I expect nothing less from them. An image of those Uncle Toms with that Dutch female journalist in the centre:

    However, I actually think it’s sad that the cancellation of such a conference can be such big news for us and that lowly, unknown Twitter journalists can control the narrative to such an extent. As a country, we should honestly have a little more influence than that. And IMO, the government doesn’t handle our online presence well at all. should be more professional as should our online newspapers. TBH, our government officials Twitter accounts can sometimes be unprofessional. Our MOI, for example, needs to stop talking about our idiot neighbours down south and stop using the phrase “arch-enemies” – it’s not a comic book. Honestly, I was hoping that by now, we’d have much bigger plans and much bigger things that would be leading news like investment rather than things like this.

  3. The key ISSUE here is violence against EU citizens. Therefore, the YPFDJ organizers need to ask the authorities to investigate: who orchestrated this violent rally, what’s the mayor’s role, and why didn’t the police prevent the violence?

    Again, the issue is that violence against EU citizens was perpetrated in a broad daylight and people will need to know the answers to the above questions; anything else is secondary at this time for the young woman who got kicked in the head and the mother who was knocked in the leg.

    1. Some are blessed to follow the leaders of Eritrea who,
      * were the reason for the demise of Nadew
      * were the reason in the miracles of Fenkil, and above all,
      * were the reason in the independence of Eritrea.
      Let us look at the case of you and your 30 friends who were locked up in Holland Jail 🙂
      * What did the Old Fart White Lady did for Eritrea?
      — House Negros is what Malcolm X would call people like you.

      It is your choice if you wish your short life history to be in the recycling bin of Holland Jails.

      1. B.Adal! He might be a koshe or is it “X” koshe resident, so the recycling bin may sound like “home” to him.
        Happy Easter, deki Erey!

        1. LOL … Recycling bin might be better than Koshe 🙂
          Regarding Koshe,
          ….. Koshe Restaurant is now serving Donkey “Zigney” for Easter Meal.

  4. Hello the HYPOCRITES,
    You cannot deny the whole population inside Eritrea their basic human rights, their rights of organization, rights of free speech and expression, rights of assembly and demonstration, and yet cry that those rights have been denied to you by the authorities in the countries where you allegedly sought ‘protection’ from the very regime of the PFDJ inside Eritrea. Do you see your sick hypocrycy?? I hope the governments that gave you asylum or refugee status or whatever protection, should retract that and DEPORT you to the criminal regime in Eritrea that you are working very hard to buttress at the expense and detrimental of your very people, that is if you REALLY are Eritreans. I strongly doubt that you are Eritreas, you are a bunch of identity confused bastards.
    I also hope that in the future no any such conferences or meetings organized by the mafia regime of PFDJ would be allowed in the free and democratic world. The PFDJ regime of Isayas Afwerki is a terrorist regime that has been terrorizing and oppressing its own people to servitude and submission at gunpoint ever since it set foot in Asmara. Hence, the PFDJ or any of its affiliated groupings like the YPFDJ should be totally banned from holding any gatherings.

    1. YOu are lumping all of YPFDJ as political refugges who run away from PFDJ but are now part of PFDJ. For the sake of argument, let us assume! you are correct. If you truly believe your statement, what does it tell you about these YPFDJ members? It tells you that, they were not political refugees after all, they used the excuse to get to Europe for economic reasons., hence economic refugees. Even if there are economic refugees but unhappy of the PFDJ governance, why would they freely choose to join PFDJ now? If they were truly political refugees, who is forcing them to support PFDJ now, when they are free to choose either side? More importantly, why are those in Holland who are opposed to PFDJ and preachers of democracy for Eritrea, not allowing fellow Eritreans to enjoy the “democracy” in Holland?

      I just hope you are not one of those who jumped on the bandwagon with those young “political refugees” without knowing they were economic refugees, only to find out you were fooled. It is not too late to jump off the bandwagon

      1. Yes, you guessed it right, Many of these YPFDJ thugs when they make their asylum claims, they pretend to be politically persecuted in Eritrea, otherwise, they would not be granted asylum. You’ve also to know that the PFDJ mafia regime sends its supporters out of Eritrea in order to infiltrate the increasingly hostile Eritrean diaspora people who have become well aware of their primary enemy which is the Isayas clique wreaking havoc on the Eritrean people. Also I’m sure some of the YPFDJ are doing this because of some sort of coersion in order to secure their and their families’ properties back in Eritrea from being confiscated by the predator regime of Isayas.

        1. Hi
          How do you know, many of these YPFDJ are thugs, how do you come to the conclusion that the participants are some sort of runaways or asylum seekers. Please refrain from generalization if you do not know exactly. As we could infer by the infinite information i public domaine and social media majority are Europeans of Eritrean heritage, so be sober and and avoid calling names to your compatriots who happens to have another view than yours.

          1. Yes Adalaey
            I want to give him the benefit of the doubt in case, but as the Gheteb has exquisitely put the, cards on the table, it is crystal clear for me.

        2. How can you prove your claim?
          Can we say the same thing about your group that most of them are Ugumesh and are sent and paid by Woyane?

          1. Please don’t make a mockery of yourself, as no one is more ‘Ugumesh’, to use use nasty word, us your demigod Isayas and his right hand men. I know that some are sent from inside Eritrea by the corrupt PFDJ, because I’ve met with such people.

      2. Hi B.Adal,

        The person you are trying to communicate with, Abrahm H., and drive some sense through his thick cranium is a known anti- PFDJ element. He is one of the foot soldiers of the Mederk folks and a disciple of ‘Aba Khebdu’, Andeberhan and Dr. Rasputin, Dr.Assefaw.

        He has been mindlessly regurgitating propaganda stuff he picks up from the Mederk’s website. He is smitten with Google Earth, just like the Mederk folks, in trying to back up their egregious reporting and what they claim is going-on in Eritrea.

        Anyway, good luck in your effort of drilling some sense into the thick cranium of Abraham Wedi- Hannibal.

        1. Ha ha, Gheteb, why don’t you reveal your identity and confront those fine people you are bashing day in day out in real world, instead of hiding behind an obscure nickname if you’ve the gut? I hope you’re the worst PFDJ/Isayas worshiper on this Earth, and that no one is more loyal to Isayas than you are.

          1. Do you really want me to confront your mentor ‘Aba Khebdu’, Andeberhan and ‘Dr. Rasputin’, Dr. Assefaw, when all their political activities and resume is right out in the public showing all their anti-Eritrean activities. I don’t think so!

            I am NOT and I have NOT put myself professing to be struggling for “justice” and “democracy” in Eritrea and I have not claimed to be a leader of any such anti-Eritrean organization like your Mederk. So, I don’t have any obligation to do anything otherwise.

            As always, your comment is bereft of any logical thinking, Wedi-Hannibal, and I am not surprised at all by your comment. The only thing that is surprising is that you are not quoting Google Earth these days. What happened about Melekhti Google Earthkum entay kon sedede, if you know what I mean.

        2. Thanks for the advice.
          I was not trying to “drive some sense through his thick cranium”, to the contrary, I was making sure his comments that don’t hold any water get challenged. I don’t know him and don’t really care for any Eritrean hater. They all may rot in hell.

    2. Hi Abraham,

      I only come to this website to see how the bunch of criminals are doing. Look none of these criminals write by the real name because they turely know the the judging day is approaching at fast pace. That Gheteb guy is here with a nick name to. As you said these people are are bunch of hypocrites and most of them support the criminal regime for for sub-national agenda. These are backward people you would not even want to recycle.

  5. The very idea the west telling us they protect and defend bla bla bla ______;we always know how fake they are how hypocrite SMH

  6. Hi cowardice,
    Before you accuse the Dutch authorities, you should accuse why the oppressive regime back home is violating the basic human right, gathering of Eritreans inside the country the PFDJ claim is an independent nation, but which is not. F*** off!

  7. I’m repeating myself to make our stand clear to some of the confused off-ponents and hypocrites.

    The iris of the argument here is not about PFDJ claiming any rights for the over 600 abused European citizens of Eritrean heritage. Not at all. The fact of the matter is :

    – Almost all of the conference participants are European citizens, coming from allover Europe. They are European citizens first and Eritreans second.

    – They live in Europe, not in Eritrea.

    – They have equal rights as the Dutch mayor who authorized the cancellation of the conference. Those rights should be respected and protected by any authority with out any qualification of their heritage!

    – What transpired in Holland was a flagrant violation of this basic European rights based on misguided political decisions.

    – What makes the rest of us Eritreans furious is its biased, selective and premeditated nature. You can not deny the rights of over 600 European citizens of Eritrean heritage because of some socially unacceptable “refugees” (majority of Dutch people hates refugees) and regime change ‘activists’ threatened to kill these European citizen conferees. No dummy. That’s is criminal.

    – The main issue here is not whether PFDJ is holy or evil. It is the systematic and selective violation of the rights of European citizens because of their Eritrean heritage. That is unacceptable and we won’t rest till this case settled in the court of law. Period.

    Now the onus is on the Dutch government.

    1. One would think it is very obvious and even expect the so called Eritrean opposition to fight for the right of their brothers and sisters who only happen to be born in Europe. Why do we see all nationalities demonstrating in USA for police brutality on African Americans? Because if you don’t defend the rights of your fellow citizens, tomorrow no one will stand on your side when the police start abusing your kind.
      If you have a respect of yourself, you should expect equal rights for your Europe born Eritreans.

    2. I agree with you that this issue here about EU citizens who got attached by a violent mob. If the argument is focused around this issue, it should be easy for the organizers to get their due from the legal system. To otherwise muddy up the argument with political issues would be a mistake on part of some and they should stop it now.

  8. Can someone explain to me why there’s has never been a huge YPFDJ conference in Eritrea?? It would’ve been nice to have Eritrean diaspora kids meet Eritrean politicians and youth. Hopefully they can share their experiences and so on.

    1. I am of the conviction that the YPFDJ in consultation with the PFDJ and the Eritrean Government should look into the possibilities of holding or convening YPFDJ Conferences in Eritrea. I am saying, why not?

      Here is a link of what I wrote about this very issue entitled:

      “Quo Vadis YPFDJ? — “Where To YPFDJ”— You can check it here.

    2. If the issue was not about logistics and convenience, of course, it can be done. There is already an annual youth festival organised by National Union of Eritrean Youth that was taking place in Sawa. Adding YPFDJ conference on top that is simply a waste of resources and time.

      Remember, we have successfully held 12 YPFDJ conference in Europe and North America for the past 12 years and there is no enough reason to take the 13th YPFDJ conference back to Eritrea. No way! It will be held here in Europe and we shall see if they can stop us the next time. Trust me. Lessons have been drawn from this.

      1. There’s a big difference between a festival and a conference. In Eritrea, YPFDJ can organize the biggest conference ever, without thinking about any potential problems. I believe that this is the right way to go.

        1. Sorry for interjecting but I think, symbolically, it would be better to do it in EU next year as well. As TN noted, EU citizens have a right to hold/sponsor such meetings… and that right should be defended, legally or otherwise.

    3. I am quite sure there was a YPFDJ conference in Dec. 2011 at Nakfa. I am quite sure.
      Do we need more in Eri? Perhaps, but we must go where the people are and reach out.
      To me it is more about convenience for busy young people to hold it closer where they live.

  9. FYI

    Eritrean FM to visit China

    BEIJING, April 16 (Xinhua) — Eritrean Foreign Minister Osman Saleh will pay an official visit to China from April 17 to 22, at the invitation of his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi.

    Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang made the announcement on Sunday.

  10. YPFDJ have already tested the bitter pill and they were left frustrated on the street. This could be the desreved slap for pfdj supporters.

  11. Most of the youths seen on the picture were either born in Western Europe, by that, alien to the current cruel acts of the evil HGDF, or they are the extended siblings, relatives or beneficiaries of the system. Although they live in democratic countries, they are supporting the psychopathic maniac that preys and kills on the very people that was supposed to protect and defend. In spite of the countless crimes of the HGDF tyrant perpetrated against the people of so many Eritreans, the decision of those HGDF toys to become the vanguard public relation patrons of the malevolent will leave a permanent dingy stain in the struggle for Rule of Law in Eritrea.
    While the aspiration and ambition of the people of Eritrea was to form a sovereign nation that respects the inalienable rights of all of its citizens, and have sacrificed tens of thousands to realize it, the HGDF mafia has ruptured that sacred objective by committing egregious crimes on the people and country. The felonious acts of HGDF does not discern the underage (Ciam), the old (Ali Abdo’s father), the ordinary citizens and even the dead (Nizeghi Kiflu). Think about it! It does not spare males or females, Muslims and Christians, the prominent (G15) and the ordinary; all – including its supporters – are the victims of the barbarous HGDF. Only justice that is enacted on inclusive – people focus explainable objective liberates all. There is nothing to fear. As the vicious HGDF considers the people and the country as its personal property, it does not save even the countries of the region. Expecting HGDF to show behavioral change is tantamount to expecting the palm to grow hair. Hence the only cogent and logical act is to stand firm and continue struggling for justice. Only then one achieves the aspiration of the martyred.
    As MLK said “injustice to anyone and anywhere is injustice to everyone and everywhere,” I firmly believe the people of Eritrea quest for justice deserves the solidarity of all people, regardless of geographic proximities.

  12. I hope the justice will serve sooner in those all individuals odds against Eritreans .It will be awakening for all the world and for the near future to come .This is a lesson for all Us the more they push us ,We become more strong like diamond and iron .Eritrean people are resilient .Our enemy don’t really know us ,Eritrean people are under the law not above the law. The Mayor of Veldoven and Mirjam Van Reisen are abuse their Authority.sooner or later is going to hound them. One heart one people .

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