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US House Urges Ethiopia to Make Ogaden Accessible

The noose from the International community is tightening around Ethiopian regime's neck

The noose is tightening around the Ethiopian regime’s neck. STOP the genocide NOW!

By Ahmed Abdi,

THE U.S House of Representatives and the government of United Kingdom together with EU Parliament and United Nations have recently stepped up a campaign to help Somalis from Ogaden region to realize that their voice has been heard by the International Community after decades of virtual silent.

As UK’s government recently released a report indicating allegations of abuses by the Liyu Police or “Special Police”, which London expressed its concerns, United States House of Representatives and EU Parliament have both sent strong messages to Addis Ababa, which was meant to open the Somali religion of Ogaden to the humanitarian agencies and International media to have free access to avoid further humanitarian crisis. 

The U.S Congress issued a message which eventually published on Somalilandsun that reads:

The US House of Representatives has asked Ethiopia to Permit Human Rights and Humanitarian Organizations Access to its Somali region of Ogaden. The House informed (d) ETHIOPIA. “That Funds appropriated by this Act that are available for assistance for Ethiopian military and police forces shall not be made available unless the Secretary of State –

(A) certifies to the Committees on Appropriations that the Government of Ethiopia is implementing policies to–

(i) protect judicial independence; freedom of expression, association, assembly, and religion; the right of political opposition parties, civil society organizations, and journalists to operate without harassment or interference; and due process of law; and

(ii) permit access to human rights and humanitarian organizations to the Somali region of Ethiopia; and (B) submits a report to the Committees on Appropriations on the types and amounts of United States training and equipment proposed to be provided to the Ethiopian military and police including steps to ensure that such assistance is not provided to military or police personnel or units that have violated human rights, and steps taken by the Government of Ethiopia to investigate and prosecute members of the Ethiopian military and police who have been credibly alleged to have violated such rights.”

The EU’s head of International Unit Party Socialist democrat, Anna Gomes, MEP said

Ethiopia is one of the largest humanitarian and development aid receiver yet these donations are used incorrectly and corruptly. Western governmental Organizations and Western Embassies to Addis Ababa ignored the stolen donations and humanitarian aid that are being used as a political tool by the Ethiopian regime, which is contrary to EU rules on the funding”.

Ulvskog, MEP, in her part when she was speaking about the steps needed to be taken in order to stop the human rights abuses that is being committed against Ethiopian and Ogaden civilians, she said that the EU could use sanctions or words against Ethiopia or follow up documents and information like the one provided by Ogadeni whistle-blower, Abdullahi Hussein,who smuggled out one-hundred-hours filmed footage, to show the reality in the ground.

The UK government’s website said last week that there have been many reports of mistreatment associated with the Special police, including torture and executions of villagers accused of supporting the Ogaden National Liberation Front.

The UK government and the UN have pressed the Ethiopian government to articulate a reform plan for the Special police.The Ethiopian government has agreed this is needed,so we will encourage them to take action”, added the report.

The Rights Groups such as Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and Genocide Watch have accused of Ethiopia that it has committed war crimes and crimes against humanity in Ogaden region. The ONLF accuses Addis Ababa similar charges of egregious human rights abuses against Somali civilians in the region.

John Holmes, The highest UN Official to visit Somali Region of Ogaden in part of its fact finding mission, since the Ethiopian crackdown (2007) called on a further investigation, a plan to wait its implementation until now.

Somali people of Ogaden Region, who has been deplored the international Community’s inaction and silence, when it comes to human rights violations committed at Ogaden region could now feel that they have been heard as the International Community including U.S, UK, EU and United Nations are ready to take action against those committed war crimes and crimes against humanity yet believe that they can get away with it.

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  • teddysheda

    Encouraging and Asking / Advising the Death bed ridden Tplf is not going to cut it. But it's a start…cooler and reasonable heads are prevailing in the US/UK govts. But hey, one has to ease a once useful dog out rather than throw him out.

  • halwanaag

    It's heart warming news-this what I have always wanted to hear-this is historical stance we Somalis love when the International Community sides with the justice. Thank you tesfanews we Somalis love Eritrea and will always remember your greatness. Vive Somaliland Vive Ogadenia

  • hank

    Why is it that the Eritrea's news blogs are always crying about Ethiopia 24/7, but the Ethiopian's news may talk about Eritrea 2 or 3 times in one year? Eritrea need to focus more on Eritrea…business.

    • http://www.tesfanews.net TesfaNews

      Exposing the crimes of this mercenary regime at the helm of the Ethiopian people needs coordination of all affected parties in the region. That's what we do here – our modest contribution towards the voiceless people of Somalia and Ogadenia.

    • wediasmara

      because this people deserve to be heard like anyone else.

    • Gebre

      Heard of Small country syndrome?

    • Halhal

      Since when did Woyane beggars started calling themselves Hank:)
      Have you checked the Woyane web sites and ETV domestic programs? It is all about Eritrean or "Shabia"
      The last thoughts of your midget and retarded deceased Woyane PM was also about "Shabia". you are nothing but lowlife beggars who are ashamed of your very being

  • merhaba

    he EU’s head of International Unit Party Socialist democrat, Anna Gomes, MEP said

    “Ethiopia is one of the largest humanitarian and development aid receiver yet these donations are used incorrectly and corruptly. Western governmental Organizations and Western Embassies to Addis Ababa ignored the stolen donations and humanitarian aid that are being used as a political tool by the Ethiopian regime, which is contrary to EU rules on the funding” isn't it ironic they said like is ,but they sanction Eritrea .The Wide World know how hypocrisy they are..

  • merhaba

    Okay thanks.

  • Halhal

    This is the end game for the mercenary ethnocentric Woyane thieves.

  • Takilu

    Ohh ya after injection of poisoning to those regions those of you EU/UK/USA are the reason of what is happening in that region. From the beginning you were the right hand for those gangsters to rerun Ethiopia and divided us. If you go back to the history, you always regret about us for not colonize unders your bloody hands still it kills you that. Anyway stop injecting us your poision and try to give us your medicines, keep your merciless injection to your people not to us. God/Allah bless Africa

  • http://twitter.com/MussieGebreab @MussieGebreab

    The USA and UK, they are shading a crocodile tears. Because they know their Puppet Weyane is committing genocide In Ogden, Gambela, and other part of Ethiopia. The weyane would not survive for one day late alone carry out these crimes with out the Aid of USA , UK and the EU. The USA and UK gilt filling will not bring back the murdered Ogden's and Gambelans.

  • Delahl

    BahriNEGASH! O My People Victory Is Neigh. AWET N'HAFASH ERITRA! "SOON we'll see who is da real revolutionary, I don't want want my people to be contrary!"

  • Helemti

    Haafffff feTEq abelewom deQI Adey!

  • mailule

    What's in ogaden for US & UK?? Why now?? My guess is that these has something to do with some Resources perhaps???

  • Warsay

    Huge Gas reserve!

  • gudguad

    How trust worthy are the Ethiopian Embassy personal in London?that is exactly what a friend of mine asked me when once or twice became a victim of these guys.do they realy work for the country and people they represent?Is it fair to discriminate and prohibit Ethiopians because they do not hold the ID-of that country in their new adopted country.the embassy personal has the right to deny them a visa to meet their families and enter their country because they are of other nationality but they should not be discriminated.you can translate the name in many other countries.free thinking is allowed.