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President Isaias and Prime Minister Hailemariam Regarding “Peace Talks” (Audio)

President Isaias Afewerki and PM Hailemariam Desalegn

President Isaias Afewerki and PM Hailemariam Desalegn

By TesfaNews,

A recent remark made by the Prime Minister of Ethiopia with Aljazeera Television has received considerable coverage mainly because of his response to a question on Ethiopia-Eritrea relations that was inaccurately reported as a policy shift by Ethiopia. However, the only thing different we have heard this time against his late predecessor Zenawi was the mentioning of Asmara specifically.

But when he recently grilled by his parliament if he really meant it, the increasingly insecure accidental prime minister quickly denied that there is no change in policy on that regard but only meant to seize the opportunity to score some political points against Eritrea. 

On the other hand, the Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki when asked about Hailemariam’s call for negotiation, he simply answered that Eritrea would not associate issues with the passing away of individuals and he fully aware of the source of such utterance. He further said that it would not serve any purpose other than a public relations gimmick and for that Eritrea is not at all ready to engage in such kind of drama.

Here below is an audio report prepared by the Tigrinya Service bureau of the Voice of America.


In case the above audio player fails to work, please click here to listen to the audio report.

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  • rookie

    well done PIA
    Better late than been quiet. one can argue that the Goe is busy building eritrea and asking for the demarcation of the boarder is not enough. Eritrea need to defend against the poletical game each time it is thrown from the south. The i am willing to go to Asmara thing was followed by calling pia stuborn that shows the purpose going to asmara is not to find solution for poverty but to gain poleticaly lying to aljazera that Ethiopia is ready for peace talk and offcourse desalegn is tired of the ethio opposition groups everywhere including at the ethio eritrea border. Imagin if Pia said ok come over to asmara mr desalegn i dont think the rookie PM hailemariam will show up for the simple fact thathis masters will not let him but by accident if he show up
    then Pia could have dominated him by his knowledge of the problem. PM wants to talk about poverty fine the main reason the horn of africa is in poverty is because of war war everywhere to fight for poverty then PM
    need to demarcate the border and prevent another war in our area. At the end the entire drama could have been against Ethiopian PM .

  • rookie

    is not enough = that is not enough

  • daniel

    PIA don't do gimmick.

    Long live the Lion of Nakfa!

  • hmmm

    Ok PIA doesnt do gimmick however Ethiopian government gimmick all the time
    and put Eritrea in trouble all the time with the help of their friends.
    Remember the gimmick by meles and suzan at the end they failed but Eritreans spend
    a lot of money time and energy to fight against the ugly toothless sanction still it is not removed etc.
    "ካብቲ ክሲ እቲ ፍርዲ ብኢሱ
    ኣጽዲቖሞ ሰማዒ ዘይብሉ
    ተፈሪድና ጠበቃ ዘይብሉ
    ተፈሪድና እምባና ክንሕሉ
    ተፈሪድና ባሕርና ክንሕሉ
    ተገዲድና ደምና ክንክዕወሉ
    ተሰርቐ ሐመዱ ክንመልሰሉ
    ዋይዚ ግዜ ይድገም ከይህሉ" Yohannes Tikabo

    • hmmm

      a recent gimmick from our south the Ethiopian UN amabassador from NY message to the newyork times newspaper editor however
      the Eritrean UN amassador and a lot of Eritrean poleticians responded right away which is

  • Tesfa

    Why don't Ethiopia leave Eritrean land and then set for multi talks or whatever they are looking for. And why does Eritrea remain poor because of this minor problems? We have all kinds branches to make our lives better and developed. What I can see is our own govt is our own opposition. I am an Eritrean and I have so much "WHYS" to my govt unanswered.

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