Badme: An Eritrean Opposition Deathbed

  • Woldemicael

    Very very good job.

    • Sirak

      It is always a pleasure to hear from u Semere, u r a scholar. good read.
      sirak stiphanos .

    • E.H

      Mr semere tesfay
      I been waiting for your article forever but i very happy
      And impressed as usual

  • Habte

    What has been written is the truth. We know that Ethiopia is after our land and sea. Their king and Derg have openly said tha they care for the land and the sea not the people. We are happy we have a government who stands for the country and its people. We the majority of Eritreans are always ready for any emergency call that comes to defend our country. We are peace-loving people we do not want what is not ours and we will die for our dignity and our rights.

  • Awet

    This is a well articulated fact. Thank you for exposing this evils. We need to awake those who are lost, deceived. AwetNehafash !!!!

    • Zeru Lebasi

      Semere why are you trying to make a monster of high quality with durable unity and power of the opposition while they are widely divided and teeth less to bite any one, they are as weak as they are and as weak as we all know them? How many oppositions are there? What is their agenda? Which opposition,Where and when? Why attacking the gedli generation? They have fought in Sahel and Barka, and have brought independence, haven't they contributed much of their youth, time, and sweat and blood? What have you done to denounce them with unfounded fabrications? Ageb Bel Semere!

      • Guest 22

        Zeru, u need to read the article again. U r missing the message.

        • Zeru Lebasi

          It is Isayas and his cadres who are destroying Eritrea on the contrary to Semere’s unfounded analysis. It was Isayas who agreed on the 15 miles buffer zone inside Eritrea territory during the Algiers agreement, it was Isayas’s policy with lack of justice and lawlessness, police state which have created opposition and divisions among Eritreans and above all the youth exodus of no hope under indefinite National Service and abuse of the cadres whom you are magnifying honor for defending the sovereignty while slaving their own young generation, and making money through human trafficking and unpaid labour to their villas through the sweat and tears of the Eritrean youth! Above all ethnic and religious cleansing of Tigrinya speaking population.
          How dare you defend Isayas and his cadres while your nose is bleeding and your heart is broken of lies and hiding the uncovered truth of our serious current problems. Where do you stand, with HGDEF, with the reformist’s, with religious opposition, with the political opposition, with the regional opposition or with the Andnet?
          Keep the balance and bring the unity under the truth and not by unfounded, invented and fabricated stories! Let every one carry his cross even the unbeliever, ethicist HGDEF! Wedhankum!

          • Awet

            The country is transforming in front of eyes spread headed by our beloved president. you were trying to sell our country for your own gain. You talking nonesense that doesn't exist. you are delusional. Go get some treatment. You wished and dreamed to disintegarte our country. These analyses have been exposed you and your alike naked with evidence. You have no place in Eritrea. you don't even considered as an oppostion since you were trying to destroy the country interest with our enemies. Go to hell !!!!

          • merhaba

            AWET , WELL SAID <KEEP UP GO JOB BODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Zeru Lebasi

          why did you erase my facts, challenges will make you strong and my laguage was clean. It is an Eritrean talking to the bleeding nose and broken heart without founded evidence but just hate or wrong assumptions of crowning hero to the corrupted and unhuman cadres of HGDEF. If You think I didn"t read the article it will tell you much more. One sided ness is a show of Poor journalism. Please put it back in place so the readers could judge it for themselves.

          • didi

            Well said brother, there is no worse deaf than those who do not want to hear. Moreover, change names but they are the same people. , let them in their infantile world.

  • eri-for-ever


  • Guest 22

    EExcellent! Well put! Hard facts!!

  • Fisseha Habte

    Semere Tesfai, Your article is educational. The only way I could absorb the depth of your message is to print and read and re-read it. I pity those who cannot understand English. I hope someone translates it into tgrNa and post it in Meskerem where the ghedli generation and the “men’esey” (the innocent youth they wish to recruit) can read it. Yes, Sir — we have known the truth, as you believe we do, — that:

    “…….. it was never Isaias/PFDJ stupidity that got us into the 1998 border war, but the reality of a perfect political storm that was created by the vengeful Amara hardliners unbridled lust for revenge, and the conniving Woyane leaders political calculus to dominate and govern Ethiopia at the expense of the two people.”

    • Zeyhilel

      Is this the real Fisseha Habte from the bygone days of Dehai? If it is, good to see your name my friend.

      • Fisseha Habte

        Yes, my friend.

  • Jacob

    I did not read the whole article for I am not that interested. All I want to remind you guys is that the map above is not the real one. There was no and will never be a straight line demarcation around Badme. This is theofficial map of Tigray, hence the northern border of Ethiopia:

    • Teddy Sheda

      Doesn't matter what you think or draw mr Jacob. The border Has been demarcated in a final and binding agreement which you will be swallowing either as it is or we can give you a glass of water to help you take it in.

    • Fisseha Habte

      Jacob, your map is fictitious. The real internationally recognized map contains the straight angular lines were drawn by Great Britain, France and Italy, with the connivance and agreement of their African colonial host, King Menelik. The straight lines were indicative and thoughtfully and legally delineated to ensure that the Kunama land remained within the bounds of the territory administered by Imperial Italy. This was specific. It was to protect the Kunama from the Ethiopians who were renowned for their slave trading. Selling Kunamas as slaves was a recognized business in the Abyssinia kingdom of the time. This had to be stopped. In fact the reason European Powers of the time allowed Italy to colonize Ethiopia was to undo the slave trade practiced by its rulers and Amhara/Tigrai citizens.

      • WediAsmara

        Well said Fisseha!, Jacob he should worry with NILE issue rather than talking rabish.. senseless issue.

      • terry c

        a lot of African kingdoms got rich off the Atlantic slave trade. here is the African slave trade

    • Shiden

      Jacob atayo agame you still alive, this is just for Eritreans so take your agame ass and get lost !!!.

      • Jacob

        hi habibi, bella do? mara kef aleka. nMeron dewirkaya do? lol. Tell me what language this is.

        • Hateta

          Ab Shimelba ztemharkaya nay Abashawin Tgringna :-)

    • hawka

      ata yo mehferi Lkonka wilad .Intai tgebr eneka abti ghezom. leit wetsie hasas metsrefi sbu. iti dro iqa dro habirna kin limin knena niblo zineberna leitzkr. (kab ghezakum ayewtsiku gotetei,Mariam Tihabkum). Wetsieka leitkeri. Hezi do yihaish ab mengoom atika kithishe. Abti naina nai tigraina on line kedka tqotsatse.

      • Jacob

        Now you spoke in a 100% tigrigna for the first time in your life. Good job. No Italian, Turkish, Arabic, e.t.c. words. Keep it up. Tigrigna is more beautiful and diverse than you might think Mr.hawey.

  • Teddy Sheda

    Very Well Said Semere. The Truth , the whole truth has been said .

    Those People are done , finished. The sad part is they are not even worthy of a footnote in Eritrea's History.

    They will be Forgotten, and die in oblivion , most will ask for forgiveness and come back to the mother land.

    Hope fully it will be translated to Tigriga so that some special people can read it.

    Awet Nehafash

  • Tuum Zena

    Well written article that merits high appraisal and one every Eritrean should read and fully digest in reshaping his/her views regarding Eritrea's dilemma in dealing with Ethiopia's lawlessness.
    One area where I semi disagree with the author pertains with his assertion that the resistance against Weyanes aggression and the relentless fight in defending and protecting Eritrea's sovereignty rested solely on the "PFDJ government and its cadres ". Not to discredit the selflessness and the enormous sacrifice the organizaton paid and continues to do so to protect Eritrea's sovereignty, it would probably be appropriate and more fitting to attribute the success to the collective and collaberatve efforts of both the government and the people of Eritrea.

    • Guest

      Tuum Zena,

      Actually that is what Semere was saying. But, as he was comparing the government to the so called opposition he had to use that. And besides, he was telling the so called opposition that they don't have any right to trash the gov, as it is standing its ground in rallying and leading its people in defending the country and developing it.

  • daniel

    This entities are treasonous bunch. They conspired to bring her to her knees and as such they have no role or validity in Eritrea affair.

    Long live PFDJ
    Long Live PIA

    • zdawit

      Amen !

  • Resom

    ሰመረ ጸባ ኣስቲኻና ብሓቒ ቑኑዕ ትንታነ

    To all ደቒ ኤረ Do not forget Feb 2nd is coming late send birth day wish to the LION of the horn ኦፍ ኣፍሪቓ ወዲ
    ኣ ፎም

  • Ermias Z

    Good article, it is educational. Overall it is good, but there are some faults. So from what I understood your saying unless tigray power is removed there won't be peace because Amhara is the true enemy and there must be a land distance between Asmara and the power in the south? Are u also saying even if we (Eritreans) and Ethiopia agreed on everything for peace, it cannot happen unless our president is removed? Are you also saying as long as Ethiopia remains landlocked we (Eritreans) can't live in peace? There more things that make me not fully undetstand the FULL message, but i dont have time to list everything. IF I MISINTERPRETED THESE AREA'S CAN SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME?

    • Teddy Sheda


      What he said was a hypothetical scenario if this happens then that happens .

      He is saying lets assume the Gov of Eritrea agrees to make peace by saying ok to Ethios requests , what would happen and how it might happen.

  • Berhe

    Thanks Semere, Well written article every Eritrean and even Ethiopian should read. ብዘይ ሃገር ክብረት የለን!! የቀንየልና ሰመረ።

  • simon

    its really sad Woyane is occupying our land. I blame it all to Iseyas Afeowrki he killed the moral of Eritrean youths!! I believe that we can get our land back by force if we can elected new president!! its embarrassing to all Eritrean kondafat komalet agame to occupy our land!1

    • salem

      well mr,COMPUTER JIGNA, what have u done lately??? or if anything at all , to blame others? mmmmm! amharu say, feresum,medawim, yihew!!! translation…(here is the AK,& THE FIELD, show me what u got)!!!
      don't you SOMEHOW have to be better than those you BASH ? JUST CURIOUS!!!

    • gmetkel

      the eritrean ppl and the eritrean government they have bean already tested with a flamable 30 years & plus war , and freed the people of eritrea and the land from( RASQESSAR to RASGUMERA). the eplf's war slogan is sky is the limitte , yes we can!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we going to freed bademe peacfuly , do't be sad for this i gaurantee you . ( instead of crying join the heroes, by spirit or action )

  • kibrihager

    As i was pleased to read this artical and not supprised by many of the statements written by Semere Tesfai. The question i have is WHO is Semere Tesfai? What is his purpose of writing the generalization of the SO called "opposition"? WHo is he targeting and what message is he delivering?

  • anchwa

    thank you semere tesfay

  • Haki

    Well said rearched article. I am part of the silent majority and you wrote what I feel about our beloved country and you highlighted my concern of the young people leaving the country in huge numbers on a daily basis.
    I was saddened to find out last summer during vacation in my visit to my little village that all the young people have left the country and I was shocked talking to the teenagers are willing to follow their elders and leave the country too. that is the tragedy that is taking place in the country and I am afraid pretty soon Eritrea will look so different than the Eritrea we know it now. It might not be a bad thing, but I kind of like it for my children to know Eritrea as I do.
    oh well…God bless you deki ere where ever you are….

    • salem

      eza nieshto 'village' abey tirikeb? shewito mariam? walas endaselasie? ahahahahaha
      hassad nefahito, WISH all u want, u still remain ETHIOPIAN and AGAME on top of that!!! & will remain so 4 good!!!
      shame, shame, shame.

  • Hidat


    • Arku

      Too long like a toilet paper! Memasogi koynu, hatew ketew!

  • hdarb

    Scientific evalauation of relativity. No one is perfect but somthing is better than other. So choosing the better is Semere theory but the right one.

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